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"Dealt a Deadly Hand"

Murder at the Pocono Royale Casino! poking fun at "Casablanca", casino life and senior gambling!

  Is nothing sacred? This mystery dinner show spoofs the movie "Casablanca" and the American Dream of winning the jackpot. You'll meet  crafty Native Americans, sneaky senior citizens, an Austrialian Croc Chaser, a two-faced lawyer, a kid with two left feet, a gambling casino owner with a Humphrey Bogart complex, and a gold digging ex-wife. Throw music and mayhem into the mix and you have -- "Dealt A Deadly Hand--Murder at the Pocono Royale Casino!" 


script sample

 The script samples are missing the last few pages. It's more than enough to determine if this script is for you.  You'll get the complete script and much more when you purchase.  Click the Download Button.